Why Doggie Daycare?

At My Dog’s Daycare, we know you love your dog and feel guilty when you leave your best friend home alone everyday.  Dogs are naturally social animals and need to be part of a pack.  When dogs are not properly stimulated, undesirable or destructive behaviours can occur from lack of stimulation, supervision, or boredom.

Your dog will benefit from spending their day is a safe and social environment, and you will have peace of mind knowing your best friend is being well taken care of.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on being a boutique-style daycare, not a big box daycare.  Small numbers means we know each and every dog as if they were our own.  All dogs have individual needs and we take care of them in a way that is not possible with 30-40 other dogs present.

We have a high staff to dog ratio and all dogs are 100% supervised during the day.   The dogs play together in a safe environment, and are taken out on several walks daily.  We guarantee a tired, happy dog at the end of the day!

Your satisfaction with our grooming services is our utmost priority. If you are not completely satisfied we will work with you and your companion until you are. In addition, your next groom will be on the house.


Half Day

  • Single: $25.00
  • Package of 10: $195.00
  • Package of 20: $375.00
  • Monthly Unlimited: $357.00

Full Day

  • Single: $35.00
  • Package of 10: $285.00
  • Package of 20: $540.00
  • Monthly Unlimited: $497.00

*All package holders get one extra day free*

*Packages are valid for 3 months from date of purchase (except monthly unlimited)*

*Pick up and drop off service available*


We offer overnight and weekend dog boarding, both locally and with Dogs in the Hills Hockley Valley retreat.  Please contact us for rates and details.